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Kumpulan foto Yesung Super Junior

Foto Yesung - The Sound of Art

Yesung Super Junior Profile | Yesung if it is translated into English means Sound of Art or a vocal artist. The name is very suitable to his characteristic. Yesung loves to sing and his voice is amazing. Yesung is appointed as one of lead vocalists in the Super Junior group. Yesung was born as Kim Jong-Woon. He was born in Cheonan. His birthday is August 24th. Previously, Yesung is a pop singer and also an actor. Yesung has starred several Korean dramas and wind several singing competitions. He was also a favorite radio announcer too.

Yesung has several interesting facts that Super Junior lovers should know. His voice is the best among the other lead vocalists of the Super Junior. He is also fond of animals. At home Yesung has three turtles and also a dog. The turtles names are ttangkko, ttangkoma, and ttangkominh and the dog's name is kkoming. He loves them all and often he talks to them when he feels sad. Yesung has childish attitude that often makes the other members uncomfortable with him. He is 178 tall and weighs 64kg. Yesung is also young girls' favorite Super Junior personnel. When he sings, many girls will try to reach him and touch him.

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Super Junior's Yesung Participates in OST of 'I Do I Do'
On May 31 at 12 AM KST, Super Junior member Yesung will reveal the theme song of Park Tae Kang (played by Lee Jang Woo) called 'That Girl over Flowers' for the MBC drama 'I Do I Do.' The song expresses a younger guy's feeling about loving an older girl ...
Group Photo of Handsome Trio: Super Junior's Yesung, Donghae,TVXQ's Yunho
Yesung shared a photo along with a message on May 31 on his twitter, ?It's been a while with trainees from the same time in 2001.? The photo showed Yesung, Donghae and Yunho in black suites showing off their charming smiles. Internet users who saw the ...
Super Junior's Yesung Reveals a Photo of Himself Dressed as a Woman
Super Junior's Yesung revealed himself as a lovely woman. On May 11, along with a picture, he wrote on his twitter, "If I were to dress as a woman, would I look like this?" In the picture, Yesung has pins and flowers in his hair while wearing a ...

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Yesung Videos on YouTube

The Super Junior Guide - Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)
by cieng131 | video info

595 ratings | 74,592 views
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Yesung Super Junior Profile

Stage Name : Yesung
Real Name : Kim Jong Woon
Date of Birth : August 24, 1984
Place of Birth : Cheonahn, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Occupations : Singer, Dancer, Actor, Radio DJ, television host
Blood Type : AB
Height : 177cm
Weight : 60kg
Religion : Catholic
Siblings : Youger brother
Favorite Color : Red
Hobby/Specialty : Listening to music, exercise, singing
Twitter : http://twitter.com/shfly3424
Labels : SM Entertainment

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Super Junior Music Videos

Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo
by sment | video info

137,390 ratings | 39,210,801 views
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Super Junior KRY Music Videos

Super Junior K.R.Y - 회상 M/V Full ver.
by YOONILSANG1 | video info

4,733 ratings | 387,850 views
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Super Junior 05 ~1st Album

Super Junior 05 ~1st Album

Amazon Price: $27.99 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now
Tracklist :
1. "Miracle" 2:56
2. "Twins (Knock Out)" 3:20
3. "You are the one" 3:52
4. "Rock this house" 3:07
5. "(Way for Love)" ["Carefully (Way for Love)"] 3:17
6. "So I" 3:43
7. "Over" 3:16
8. "Keep in Touch" 4:31
9. "L.O.V.E." 3:36
10. "Believe" 4:54
11. "Twins (Knock Out)" [Instrumental] 3:21

2nd Album Repackage (Don't Don't)

2nd Album Repackage (Don't Don't)

Amazon Price: (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now
Tracklist :
1. "Money, Money! (Don't Don)" 4:11
2. "Do You Have A Wish (Sapphire Blue)" 3:24
3. "You're my endless love (So To Speak)" 4:32
4. "Marry U" (New ver.) 3:16
5. "Thirst (A Man In Love)" 3:32
6. "Disco Drive" 4:07
7. "Hate (Hate U, Love U)" 3:47
8. "I am" 3:30
9. "Love Is Gone (She's gone)" 4:38
10. "The Last Defeat (The girl is mine)" 3:17
11. "Mirror (Mirror)" 4:01
12. "Our Love (Our Love)" 3:48
13. "Missin' U" 3:43
14. "Midnight Fantasy" 4:00
15. "Thank you" 3:35
16. "Thirst (A Man In Love)" (Remix ver.) 4:35
17. "A Very Distant Past (Song for you)" (Bonus track) 3:40


Sorry Sorry

Sorry Sorry

Amazon Price: $13.41 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now
Tracklist :
1. "Sorry, Sorry" 3:52
2. "(Why I like you)" 3:45
3. "(Let's not...)" (Super Junior-K.R.Y) 3:40
4. "(Angela)" 3:21
5. "Reset" 3:43
6. "Monster 3" 3:48
7. "What if 4" 3:26
8. "(Heartquake)" (featuring TVXQ's U-Know & Micky) 4:07
9. "Club No.1" (featuring Lee Yeon-hee) 3:09
10. "Happy Together" 3:34
11. "(Dead at Heart)" 4:09
12. "Shining Star" 3:25

Bonus tracks
2. "(She Wants It)1" 3:55
3. " (It's You)1" 3:51
4. "(Love Disease)1" 3:30
5. "(Love U More)1" 3:08
17. "Sorry, Sorry2" (Japanese version) 3:52



Amazon Price: $18.03 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now
Tracklist :
1. "(BONAMANA)" 3:58
2. "(Boom Boom)" 3:15
3. "(Coagulation)" (Super Junior-K.R.Y) 4:20
4. "(Your Eyes)" (Yesung and Kyuhyun duet) 3:41
5. "My Only Girl" 3:09
6. "(My All Is In You)" 3:36
7. "Shake It Up!" 3:02
8. "(In My Dream)" (Yesung, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun) 5:02
9. "(One Fine Spring Day)" (Ryeowook solo) 3:56
10. "(Good Person)" 4:04
11. "Here We Go" 3:50


Mr. Simple

Mr Simple

Amazon Price: $18.85 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now
Tracklist :
1. "Mr. Simple" Yoo Young-jin Yoo Young-jin 3:59
2. "Opera" 3:01
3. "Be My Girl" 3:09
4. "Walkin'" 3:46
5. "Storm" 4:16
6. "Good Friends" ( 3:57
7. "Feels Good" 3:19
8. "Memories" 4:11
9. "Sunflower" 3:52
10. "White Christmas" 3:36
11. "Y" 3:27
12. "My Love, My Kiss, My Heart" 3:40
13. "Perfection" 3:24

Repackage: A-CHa


Amazon Price: $12.70 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now
Tracklist :
1. "Superman" 3:21
2. "A-CHa" 3:18
3. "Mr. Simple" 3:59
4. "Oops!" (featuring f(x)) 3:44
5. "A Day" 3:27
6. "Andante" 3:06
7. "Opera" 3:01
8. "Be My Girl" 3:09
9. "Walkin'" 3:46
10. "Storm" 4:16
11. "Good Friends" 3:57
12. "Feels Good" 3:19
13. "Memories" 4:11
14. "Sunflower" 3:52
15. "White Christmas" 3:36
16. "Y" 3:27
17. "My Love, My Kiss, My Heart" 3:40




Amazon Price: $37.12 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now
Track listing
1. "U"
2. "Twins"
3. "Miracle"
4. "Endless Moment"
[Limited Bonus Track] "U" [Japanese version]

Special Single/Marry U

Special Single/Marry U

Amazon Price: $27.99 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now


Super Show: The 1 Asia Tour Concert Album

Super Show: The 1 Asia Tour Concert Album

Amazon Price: $16.98 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now

Super Show - Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Concert Album

2nd Asia Tour Concert: Super Show 2

Amazon Price: $18.86 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now

Super Show - Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour Concert Album

Super Junior - Super Show 3 Concert Book

Amazon Price: $37.03 (as of 06/06/2012)Buy Now

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SuJu, una boy band coreana
Super Junior es un grupo coreano de pop (K-pop) que está en los escenarios desde 2005. Una decena de jóvenes integrantes (típica boy band que va cambiando de integrantes para mantener la frescura) muestra la gama de lo que es la belleza masculina, ...
Ryeowook SuJu dan Infinite Sunggyu di Immortal Song 2
Dengan bergabungnya Ryeowook di IMMORTAL SONG 2, maka lengkaplah pengalaman Super Junior KRY di acara ini, karena sebelumnya member Yesung dan Kyuhyun sudah pernah bergabung dalam acara ini dan menorehkan prestasi yang sangat membanggakan.
Super Junior vừa phát hành album mới nhất: Mr Simple.
(Vs F(x)), a day và andante Super Junior T: Leeteuk (tr??ng nhóm), Heechul, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk. Nhóm th? hi?n dòng nh?c Trot truy?n th?ng c?a Hàn Qu?c. Super junior M: Hangkyung (tr??ng nhóm),Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, ...
Xiah Junsu "JYJ" Berubah Jadi Wanita Jelita
SEOUL, suaramerdeka.com - Setelah Yesung "SuJu" mengunggah foto cantiknya di akun Twitter-nya kini giliran personil JYJ, Xiah Junsu yang berubah jadi jelita menyaingi perempuan tulen. Dengan memakai wig hitam terurai panjang dan wajah di-make up ala ...

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